Celebrate Me Foundation

Mission: To create lasting memories while celebrating milestones in the lives of children whose families have been affected by cancer.

Vision: Celebrate Me Foundation has the singular goal of creating a safe, fun and personalized time of celebration that focuses on one child at a time from families who have been impacted by cancer.

Eligibility: All families living in Clark County, Washington (or are receiving treatment in Clark County, WA) who have an immediate family member that has been diagnosed with cancer, and have a child in the home under the age of eighteen, are eligible for the services provided.  All “Celebrate Me” birthday parties and family events will be provided at no charge to the families.

Our Funding: CMF receives no funds from federal or state agencies.  Support comes exclusively from individual and corporate sponsors.

NEWS of note:

CAMEO has been such a blessing to Celebrate Me Foundation which in turn will allow us to be a blessing to our community. As a non-profit you need all the support you can get to keep your mission alive. We wish to thank all the supporters of CAMEO and all the sponsors who helped to make this happen. We’re ready to serve more families and we look forward to seeing lots more smiles on each child’s face. READ MORE about this exciting development and event.

We’ve also had some news coverage during our first official birthday party!  Check it out: